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About Us

We have the pleasure to present to your attention the Romanian-Bulgarian group of companies SATEC BULROM – established in the year 1991. Member of the SATEC BULROM group, SATEC GROUP motors is your partner in the lifting and transporting machineries for palletized goods, and can offer the following services for the marks above:

  • Prompt and professional forklifts sales from the current production of the Bulgarian manufacturers VI&RUS/SATEC GROUP BG, PEGASO, ARMANNI and BBF Italy, all range.
  • Prompt, specialized and I.S.C.I.R. authorized service for the forklifts as follows:
    • For the forklifts sold by SATEC GROUP BG in Romania;
    • For the directly sold in Romania forklifts by the VI&RUS/SATEC GROUP BG representative from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, phone/fax 00359 32 622127.
    • For the forklifts sold in Romania to the end users by the manufacturing companies.
  • Import and sales of SH & recycled forklifts from TVH Belgium, LISMAN and BSF Netherlands.
  • Spare parts supplying for all types of forklifts directly from the stock or in maximum 5 days from the order. Expedition by courier express.
  • Partial or total repairing for the forklifts diesel engines, transmission (mechanical, hydraulic, hydrostatic an electric), complete trucks or antiex (electric lifttrucks, electric platforms) equiped code MIRETTI-Italy in accordance with CENELEC EN- 50014-18-19
  • High quality and authorized reparations at the main hydraulics and electronic commands systems (CURTIS, SEVCON, NIPON-DENSO, STILLTRONIC, FIAT, ZAPI , SHINKO , SATEC-GROUP, SATEC s.a.-France, a.s.o.).
  • Forklifts modernization by mounting the advanced technologies with pulse controller for CURTIS, SEVCON, SATEC, STILLTRONIC, FIAT.
  • Anti pollution installation mounting to all diesel forklifts. The antipollution installation was med by traditional producers le 3M-USA and Lubrizol – England).
  • Mounting and adaptations of (LPG) gas engines, IMPCO regulators, including approved cylinders.
  • Service contracts for time-to-time check-up and small repairing at the client’s place.
  • Development of ISCIR Technical Cards for various equipments (R1 / 2010).
  • Repairs and supplies of spare parts for Paternoster equipment SCHWAB brands; TSM; SCHNEIDER – Germany; RASEC; TRIMAT – France; MONENA – Finland; HOOGS – Germany
  • Sale of new or reconditioned machines with 100% payment, in leasing and / or installments.